What does it mean when a woman touches your arm

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Imagine a situation where a man just met a woman and invited her to a first date. How to understand, whether he likes her, is she interested in the further development of this relationship, or is it already counting the minutes in order to quickly run away from the date?

Everything is very simple. Body language is strong. By gestures you can easily read the attitude of a person towards you. Regardless of his desire, a person sends powerful signals that need to be correctly interpreted. Like, if a woman touches your arm is she flirting. Here are some signs that a man likes a woman.

Physical contact

It’s no secret that physical contact is the first indicator of sympathy between people. Of course, this does not mean that a woman should hang on a man, embrace him or squeeze and not let him out. You have to notice when a woman touches your shoulder? Or accidentally when a girl touches your arm after a funny joke? If the woman herself is the initiator of physical contact, and at the same time, it is obvious that she is comfortable and comfortable – this is a sure sign that she is interested in you.

Mirror effect

Watch her gestures and facial expressions, pay attention to how she sits.

Does a woman naturally imitate your own body language and automatically copy your gestures? If so, then this is an attempt to establish communication with you on a subconscious level.

Hair curling

This may seem like a nervous twitch or a frequent female habit, but twisting the hair on your finger actually has a deeper meaning in sign language.

Whether she smoothes her hair, twists a curl on a finger, or simply runs her hand over it – such gestures very eloquently tell the fair sex.

woman touches your arm

If she relies on you

See how a woman sits or stands as to where you are. If she departs from you, moving away at a certain distance, thus she makes it clear that she creates a distance between you, and most likely, you are not particularly interesting to her.

If, on the contrary, she leans towards you and tries to somehow get closer to better hear or when a woman touches your arm, it means she likes you, and she takes a genuine interest in you.

Eye contact

Eye contact is a key indicator of how a woman feels in a given situation.

If you notice that she avoids looking directly into your eyes, looks away, or looks at the space around her, it means that she is not particularly interested in what you are saying. Pay attention to how often she looks at her watch or looks into her cell phone. If she does it more often than she looks you in the eye, your business is bad. Most likely, the woman is not interested in you.

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