Find out is she trying to make me jealous

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In the relationship between a man and a woman there are situations when a girl makes a guy jealous. In men, such actions cause confusion and misunderstanding.

The reasons why a woman is trying to cause jealousy guy.

There are several reasons due to which a woman may try to make jealous:

Lack of attention

When a girl lacks attention, she makes you jealous. By this she shows – there are people who are ready for more to be with her. According to women, this should make a man surround her with care, attention, gifts.

The underestimation of the girl guy.

In those cases when the attitude towards the girl is based on the principle “She will tolerate, because she will not find anyone else,” by jealousy the woman makes it clear that she is attracting other men and losing her is easier than it seemed. The girl’s self-esteem also rises – she begins to feel in demand. And not only other men, but also their own.

she make me jealous

Routine relationship.

Emotions – the engine of relationships. When people are together for a long time, their feelings fade. Relationships become mundane and if you do not sate them with new emotions in time, they can break up. And jealousy is a way to return feelings to the previous level. After all, as you know, very often after conflicts, relationships become much better and more interesting.

Why makes jealous former

Girls want to cause jealousy from the former in order that he began to regret the break. In such cases, they pursue one of the goals.

Revenge. The girl wants the man to feel bad because of the gap. To make a man feel bad after breaking up, you need to show that the girl is doing well, that she has found a replacement for her former partner without any problems and no longer needs him. This is a big blow to the ego.

Resume the relationship. A woman wants to return the man to her. Often the guy will start thinking about breaking up and doubting. He will remember all the positive traits of a woman and all the good things from past relationships, minimizing shortcomings. This will lead him to the idea of ​​a renewed relationship. Namely, this girl is seeking.

Ways you can tell if she’s trying to make you jealous or not

It is necessary to distinguish when a girl causes jealousy on purpose, and when not.

If she does it on purpose, she will definitely try to draw your attention to the “competitor”.

The girl begins:

  • Talk a lot about someone.
  • Dress defiantly; going to meetings with the man you are jealous of.
  • Make transparent hints.
  • Demonstrate coldness towards you.
  • This means that she specifically causes your jealousy, and she likes her.
  • What to do if you are trying to make jealous

Change your behavior:

  • Frequently invite her to a romantic date in unusual places.
  • Make unexpected gifts.
  • Give her compliments.
  • Diversify sex.

A good option – find out is she trying to make you jealous or not. To do this, there are several proven tricks. This will help radically refresh your relationship. This should be done carefully so as not to overdo it.

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